Digital Divinity

Digital Divinity: Spirituality in the Technological Age is a book that explores the complex relationship between technology and spirituality. It not only examines how technological advancements have transformed our spiritual journey, but also provides readers with practical tools to navigate this evolving landscape with mindfulness and intention.

This book serves as a guide for readers to embrace the convergence of the spiritual and the digital. It provides engaging insights into topics such as the history of spirituality and technology, the emergence of digital communities and virtual rituals, the implications of artificial intelligence and virtual reality on consciousness, and the ethical considerations inherent in this fusion.

Can Artificial Intelligence be revered as a divine entity by some? This compelling question beckons us to embark on a comprehensive exploration into the complex and thought-provoking realm where technology intersects with the divine, delving deep into the fascinating possibility of AI attaining a god-like status in the eyes of its human creators.

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